Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Edo State Food Centers Search App

As we are have converted some of Edo State Open Data datasets to Linked Data, you are probably thinking what applications we can develop from the data. We decided to use the Food Centers list to create a cool app.

About The App
The app, "Food Centers", let's you search for eatries, restaurants, bukas (local restaurants), etc in Edo State by street or business names. You can find the application here.

How Does It Work
It's simple and straightforward.

  • Start the application
  • Enter a street name (without the 'street') or business name in the 'Find' box.
  • Click the 'Search' button
  • A SPARQL query based on your search is generated and sent to a SPARQL Endpoint using PHP CURL lib.
  • The search result is retrieved in JSON format and displayed with JQuery Mobile
  • Each business name is anchored with a URI so that It can be exploited via Linked Data follow-your-nose

Further Work
We will geocode each of the addresses and display them on Google map.

Under The Hood
The app was developed with PHP, JQuery mobile, SPARQL, HTML5. The data was converted to RDF format.

RDF/Turtle, RDF/XML.

SPARQL query

   prefix foaf: <http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.1/> 
   prefix edo: <http://www.vikanttimobile.com/opendatang/data/edo-food-centers.ttl#> 
   select distinct ?biz ?Name? Address 
   from <http://www.vikanttimobile.com/opendatang/data/edo-food-centers.ttl> 
   where { 
   ?biz a foaf:Organization. 
   ?biz edo:IsLocated ?Address . 
   ?biz foaf:name ?Name.
   FILTER ( regex(?Name,'" + nameValue + "','i')  || regex(?Address,'" + nameValue + "','i')    ) 

  Emeka Okoye

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Edo State Food Centers Search App.

Edo State Open Data

Edo State Food Centers in RDF/Turtle

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